become the moon

sometimes the night wakes in the
middle of me.  
and i can do nothing
become the moon.

An ekphastic poem is a vivid description of an artwork, it is possible that the same term can be applied to a work of art which is a visual description of a poem. Embedding a narrative as close to the heart as poetry in a wearable object seems natural—both can quickly become close companions to the user, strong in symbolism, simple in language.

This neckpiece is my description of Nayyirah Waheed’s poem (above), published in Salt, 2002

the middle of me—the centre of my torso, between my breasts. Hung on a cord 76.88cm long—the distance to the moon and back divided by one billion. become the moon—smooth surface becoming blotched and pockmarked with wear all the while catching and reflecting light, casting it out just as the moon does.


Naasicaa Larsen 2021 — Artist Jeweller