Two Hands

A ring for my Mum, recognising a time past and spare one to celebrate a time new.

“When we were living in Newtown one by one our pets got very sick...after many tests and trips back and forth to the vet and sadly, losing our cat, we finally found out that our garden soil was contaminated with more than 100x the legal lead limit. With a new baby in tow we packed up kids and dogs and set about capping the back yard with pavers to protect our precious family. It was a stressful and sad time—but every story has a silver lining. At the very bottom of our garden in the final stages of laying pavers amongst the bamboo, something glinted in the loamy soil as we dug. It was a beautiful citrine stone, lost and buried deep over time. For the last 14 years I have carried it around with me. Today it arrived as a beautiful ring from the incredibly talented Naasicaa—held close with two hands that remind me of those that found it. I couldn’t think of a more precious gift. Thank you beyond words…this means so much to me. I love you.”

Oxidised sterling silver set with a found citrine.

Shibutchi and sterling silver set with a new smokey quartz—this piece is for sale please contact me for details.

Naasicaa Larsen 2021 — Artist Jeweller