Nini Ring

Making objects of meaning for others is a truely inspiring part of being a jeweller. Making this ring for my beautiful friend Nina in collaboration with her and her friends has reminded me again how important objects can be as symbols. Nina shared these words with me after receiving her ring:

“And of course this unbelievably beautiful treasure that I will keep on my hand from now until the day my wrinkly little body goes into the ground. I don’t know if I can fully communicate just how sentimental this gift is. I was in tears this morning in the shower looking at it and flash-forwarding to all the beautiful but also challenging experiences I’m going to go through in life while wearing this ring.

My young hands now looking so flash and fancy in it, but one day the skin will become thin and the veins will be more visible, they will look weathered and all wrinkly. But I will love them knowing they have accomplished so so many wonderful things and the ring will be there all along shining like the perfect treasure it is. Reminding me of the tidal-wave of love and support I have behind me always. And it will remind me of this completely beautiful time I am in right now: a time of intellectual and spiritual growth. A time of being completely care-free and so in love with everything around me. A time of being so unwaveringly supported by my diverse and inspiring community. My strengths and weaknesses. All my ideas and urges. It’s all here in these sparkly little sapphires that hold so much hope and optimism for the future. And their calm colours (like a still ocean at night, perfectly picked by you Naasicaa!) will remind me to move slowly and gracefully throughout life, to accomplish what I’m here for.”

9ct yellow gold signet set with three Australian Blue Green Parti Sapphires.

Naasicaa Larsen 2021 — Artist Jeweller