An exhibition of small objects exploring unexpected moments of reflected light.

If you wait long enough, the day will come when every glass building will have slumped back to earth, silica hills refracting rainbow rays of setting sun.

Dear Navigator—Fu Hang, pg 36

Series 1—Light Objects As I move through the city I consider the quote by Fu Hang, he describes a time in the far future when the glass that fronts our cityscapes may adhere to the liquid qualities of it’s molecular make up, slumping back to earth. With this in mind I see the city awash with instances of watery reflected light. Passing through one of these reflections I wear it for just a moment.

1. Brass, Glass, Silver, Aluminum leaf; 40 x 30mm. 2. Tin-coated steel, Glass, Copper leaf; 40 x 30mm. 3. Oxidised copper, Glass, Silver, 22ct Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Copper Leaf; 40 x 30mm. 4. Brass, Glass, Silver, Copper leaf, Silver leaf; 40 x 30mm. 5. Tin-coated steel, Glass, Silver, Aluminum leaf; 40 x 30mm

Series 2—Light Brooches Sometimes on bright days unexpected moments of light appear, bouncing off a shiny thing somewhere or refracting through a piece of glass. These lights fascinate me drawing me away from the expanse of space and focussing me in on something small and precious. Everyday treasures.

Plastic, Silver, Stainless steel, Tin-coated steel; 60 x 60mm

Series 3—Light Neckpiece To be bathed in light. To wear light. To draw with light. This is a neckpiece to wear for just a moment.

Reflected light installation. Plastic, Mirror/glass, Aluminum leaf

*This exhibition was held at Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood in 2015

Naasicaa Larsen 2021 — Artist Jeweller