Naasicaa Larsen (b. 1988. AUST)

Naasicaa Jade Larsen is an artist and jeweller based in Melbourne, Australia. Larsen’s practice is object-based; creating wearable, ephemeral and functional objects and installations. Larsen is interested in companionship and narrative, the stories we create with the objects and spaces around us and the implied narrative of the objects to which we are attracted. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) as well as a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) both from RMIT. Larsen currently works from Real Job Studios where she has a studio and small showroom and curates a jewellery gallery in Westgarth—Black Finch Sideshow.


RMIT, Victoria; Bachelor of Arts (Fine art)—Object Based Practice  
(Gold and Silversmithing)

RMIT, Victoria; Communication Design (Bachelor of Design)

Family Ties—Tinning Street Gallery; Brunswick, Melbourne
Cream Teeth and Milky Ways—Melbourne Fringe Festival, Tinning Street Gallery; Brunswick, Melbourne

Northside Heroes—Tinning Street Gallery; Brunswick, Melbourne

Pouches—Edition X; North Fitzroy, Melbourne

2013 RMIT End of Year Exhibition, Gold and Silversmithing—Stick Pins—RMIT Object Based Practice; Melbourne

Object Future II—Allpress Studio; Collingwood, Melbourne
Around the Table—First Site Gallery; Melbourne
2014 RMIT End of Year Exhibition, Gold and Silversmithing—RMIT Object Based Practice; Melbourne

Scenes on the Yarra—Herring Island; Melbourne
Mirror, Mirror—RMIT Object Based Practice; Melbourne
Light (solo show)—Long Division Gallery, Schoolhouse Studios; Collingwood, Melbourne
small—Radiant Pavilion, Sideshow Gallery Black Finch; Westgarth, Melbourne
Around the Table—Radiant Pavilion, First Site Gallery; Melbourne
To Render—Craft Cubed, Boom Gallery; Newtown, Geelong
ground/shadow/light—RMIT Object Based Practice; Melbourne
2015 RMIT Graduation Exhibition, Gold and Silversmithing—RMIT; Melbourne

Back to Back—First Site Gallery; Melbourne
Maggie Fairweather Award AIR (Artist residency)—RMIT; Melbourne
Kochi AIR (Artist residency)—Pepper House; Kerela, India
Kochi AIR, open studio—Pepper House; Kerela, India
Kochi AIR exhibition—The House of Linden; Brunswick East, Melbourne

Maggie Fairweather Award AIR (Artist residency)—RMIT; Melbourne
Diamonds—Black Finch; Westgarth, Melbourne

Naasicaa Larsen 2021 — Artist Jeweller