all the houses I
have ever lived in

“The quality that we call beauty...must always grow from the realites of life”
—Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, 1977


There was a table around which I grew up, it was long and sturdy and always fitted everyone no matter how many people turned up for dinner. It arrived one day on the back of a truck, already patinaed from years of use. The outer coat of paint was worked back in places showing the layers beneath in some places down to the light wood at the core. Over time we removed our own layers of paint with night after night of shared meals. Also adding our own patches of colour in moments of creativety or boredom.

A neckpiece as an ode to a different beautiful object which transformed with me over the years on my childhood.


For me the houses in my life have become chapters—reference points—in my life, each linked to memories and the passing of time.

A neckpiece constructed of fresh wooden spoons. The raw wood will colour through wear in a similar way to the discolouring of our home-bound spoons. Each fragment is a chapter or reference point.

* These two neckpieces have been aquired by RMIT they are currently part of the W. E. McMillan Collection, RMIT, Melbourne

“As people and objects gather time, movement and change, they are constantly transformed, and these transformations of person and object are tied up with each other”
—Gosden and Marshall, 1999

Naasicaa Larsen 2021 — Artist Jeweller